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LmsCZE 22.04.2008 10:59

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[b]FMtune[/b] is developed for playing internet radios.
It supports a lot of stream formats!

On / Off - [b]Ctrl + Alt + F[/b]
Volume Up - [b]Ctrl + Alt + .[/b] ([b]Ctrl + Alt + >[/b])
Volume Down - [b]Ctrl + Alt + ,[/b] ([b]Ctrl + Alt + <[/b])
Mute - [b]Ctrl + Alt + X[/b]

[u]Languages:[/u] [b]english[/b], [b]russian[/b] ([i]by Pris[/i]), [b]czech[/b]

Next skins is available [url=http://qipim.cz/viewtopic.php?t=1894][b]HERE[/b][/url].

Russian stations pack: [ATTACH]9954[/ATTACH] ([i]by Pris[/i])

[u]How to install packs[/u]: menu > [i]Edit stations[/i] > [i]Import...[/i]

[u]Actual version:[/u] [b][SIZE="4"]0.4.8[/SIZE][/b]

[u]How to install:[/u]
- extract archive to folder "QIP Infium\Plugins"
- restart QIP Infium

Available [url=http://qipim.cz/viewtopic.php?t=1867]here[/url].

[size=1]Plugin is closed-source: [ATTACH]10343[/ATTACH][/size]

LmsCZE 06.06.2008 19:56

New version 0.4.8.

Rosetau 08.06.2008 20:01

how i can correct to add radiostation?
i dont understand, qip tell me "list out of bounds (0)" and give error

LmsCZE 09.06.2008 08:56

[b]Rosetau:[/b] Try move or delete file [i]stations.ftx[/i].

XENom39 05.07.2008 13:14

FMtune 0.5.1 beta
[URL="http://speedmonitor.wz.cz/down/index.php?soubor=fmtune051"][FONT="Arial"][SIZE="4"][COLOR="Blue"][B]FMtune 0.5.1 beta[/B][/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT][/URL]

[B]Verze 0.5.1 [26.06.2008][/B]
(*) fix bug: disable and enable plugin

Rubaka 31.10.2008 08:51

[URL="http://speedmonitor.wz.cz/down/index.php?soubor=fmtune056"][SIZE="5"][COLOR="RoyalBlue"]FMtune 0.5.6[/COLOR][/SIZE][/URL]
Save As - Download.
[CUT="History Version"]Verze 0.5.6 [09.10.2008]
[i](*) fixed error ShowSelRange
(+) new slovak language, author is 585[/i]

Verze 0.5.5 [08.10.2008]
(*) small changes for next version

Verze 0.5.4 [24.07.2008]
[i](*) fixed permanent opening a closing files with icons[/i]

Verze 0.5.3 [24.07.2008]
[i](*) [b]QIP Infium 9011 or later (SDK 1.5)[/b]
(+) updater: show changelog
(*) edited radio on and off[/i]
Verze [08.07.2008]
[i](*) fixed error BASS_Free[/i]

Verze 0.5.2 [08.07.2008]
[i](*) fixed xstatutes
(+) automatic on and off radio with statuses[/i][/CUT]

[i][color="#666686"][size="1"] добавлено через 28 минут [/size][/color][/i]
[URL="http://qipim.cz/download/file.php?id=917"][SIZE="5"][COLOR="RoyalBlue"]FMtune 0.6.0 Beta 2[/COLOR][/SIZE][/URL]
Save As - Download.
[CUT="History Version"]0.6.0 beta 2
(*) opraveno chybn&#233; menu, kter&#233; způsoboval Windows XP
(*) aktualizovan&#253; slovensk&#253; a rusk&#253; překlad
(*) daš&#237; drobn&#233; &#250;pravy

0.6.0 beta 1
- &#250;pln&#225; podpora Unicode
- upraven&#253; vzhled
- předěl&#225;ny skiny (skiny z verze 0.5 nejsou kompatibiln&#237;!!!)
- každ&#253; uživatel m&#225; vlastn&#237; profil
- nov&#253; Ekvalizer
- možnost předvoleb v ekvalizeru
- aktualizov&#225;n Bass player
- spousta dalš&#237;ch oprav a &#250;prav[/CUT]

Rubaka 14.11.2008 21:14

[URL="http://qipim.cz/download/file.php?id=958"][SIZE="5"][COLOR="RoyalBlue"]FMtune 0.6.0 Beta 3[/COLOR][/SIZE][/URL]
Save As - Download.
[CUT="History Version"]
Vyžaduje minim&#225;lně verzi QIP Infium 9017.

(+) upraven updater, přid&#225;na volba oznamov&#225;n&#237; beta verz&#237;
(+) přid&#225;ny dalš&#237; předvolby do ekvaliz&#233;ru
(+) možnost nastavit v&#253;choz&#237; QIP jazyk do pluginu
(*) opraven probl&#233;m s kl&#225;vesov&#253;mi zkratkami
(*) &#250;pravy ve vzhledu programu
(*) &#250;pravy k&#243;du v ekvaliz&#233;ru
(*) dalš&#237; změny[/CUT]

Rubaka 28.01.2009 17:46

Save As - Download.
[CUT="History Version"]
[B] [21.01.2009][/B]
(*) fix Evropa 2 (asi i ostatn&#237;)
[B] [21.01.2009][/B]
(*) fixed cache
(*) now playing (downloading in other thread)
(*) update slovak language
(*) next a lot of fix
[B] [20.01.2009][/B]
(*) fixed width menu on Windows Vista (if Aero disabled)
[B]0.6.1 [19.01.2009][/B]
(+) SDK updated on 1.6 (QIP Infium 9017 RC3 or higher)
(+) full Unicode support
(+) new skin version
- skins for version 0.5 not compatibile!!!
- support colors from QIP
- icons in dll library
(+) profiles folder
(+) new equalizer
(+) new updater
(+) files are Notepad Ready
(+) bookmark Favorites
(+) popup windows
(+) scroll text (song title,...) in contact list
(+) added commentary
(+) function Fast add stations
(+) support groups (for radios)
(+) option set default QIP language plugin
(+) conditonal blocks, eg.: {{%song%=[%song%]}}
(+) next hot keys
(+) hint with informations
(+) added icons for menu and settings
(+) added skin iSimple
(-) removed skin FMtune Big
(*) new plugin design
(*) update Information window
(*) update languages files
(*) updated library bass.dll a next plugins
(*) a lot of fix


lovelas87 21.02.2009 21:53

[SIZE="5"]FMtune Version 0.6.2 [21.02.2009] [/SIZE]

(+) Automatic closing volume (thanks Rypi)
(+) Displaying reviews (trial version)
(+) Support for other web radio Europe 2
(+) Added information to the updater, it will restart QIP
(+) Added option to copy the title song from the contact sheet
(+) Added to the Ballad Headphone and preferences equalizer
(*) Significantly improved the recording
(*) Improved equalizer - more frequency settings
(*) Corrected a cracking noise in the equalizer
(*) Improved storage of the recorded file
(*) Echo corrected in equalizer
(*) Fixed a diacritic in the name of the songs for Frequencies 1 (use a different source)
(*) Fixed the recording, which was recorded more than once
(*) Setting FMtune moved to the user profile in QIPu
(*) Updated language files
(*) Other repairs and adjustments


Edisson 30.05.2009 21:48

[SIZE="5"][B]FMtune Version 0.6.3 [07.03.2009][/B][/SIZE]
[QUOTE](+) v okně nastaven&#237; hlasitosti lze měnit hlasitost kolečkem myši
(+) Updater: přid&#225;na volba režimu izolace
(*) opraveno přehozen&#237; karet v nastaven&#237;
(*) opraveny překlady
(*) opravena př&#237;padn&#225; neprůhlednost ikonek
(*) opravena př&#237;padn&#225; situace, kdy se nemusel vypnout x-status
(*) upraven&#233; nastaven&#237; Proxy - možnost stejn&#233; konfigurace jako QIP
(*) upraveny skiny tak, aby šly vidět i na tmav&#233;m pozad&#237;
(*) aktualizov&#225;ny jazykov&#233; soubory
(*) dalš&#237; opravy a &#250;pravy[/QUOTE]


172558069 21.06.2009 12:17

When the plugin will be adapted for Windows 7?
It's have many errors.

In particular: when I try to connect [url][/url] radio station, I have critical error and my qipinfium don't answer anymore

Stations 29.07.2009 22:47

Direct links for plugin FMtune
[B]Direct links for plugin FMtune[/B]:

[B]Actual Version 063[/B]

[B]97 Stations[/B] by Streams.ru

ViolentOr 17.10.2009 23:42

[COLOR="Red"][B]English section - english speach. Next russian-speaking posters will start getting refraction points.[/B][/COLOR]

Английский раздел - английская речь. Следующих любителей русской речи буду наказывать.

Makar390TOF 18.10.2009 12:09

I search for the list of radio stations on URL, language barriers on a point ру in subitem an English are clear and are not challenged, but here a question where the list to find url all radio stations or as it to make, thanks.

[i][color="#666686"][size="1"] добавлено через 5 минут [/size][/color][/i]
[QUOTE=Stations;312047][B]Direct links for plugin FMtune[/B]:

[B]Actual Version 063[/B]

[B]97 Stations[/B] by Streams.ru
Thanks but where it to lay down in what folder of a plug-in or inside FM?

undo 19.10.2009 23:27

Whether there will be import from playlist of winamp?

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