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dayslypper 10.01.2009 12:52

QIP Infium: Hide group dividers for "Simple mode" too

I verified that [B]Online/Offline/Not in list dividers[/B] can be hidden by uncheck "Show group Online/Offline dividers" in Preferences of Contact list.

[B]BUT[/B] only when [B]Groups mode[/B] is active.

There is NO REACTION in [B]Simple mode[/B] that I mostly use.:-(

I plead for this feature in [B]Simple mode[/B].

Please, add this issue to bugtracker. :-)

[SIZE="1"]This new thread is more apposite and replaces [URL="http://forum.qip.ru/showthread.php?t=23458"]the old one[/URL].[/SIZE]

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