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Exclamation Forum Rules

  • Forbidden nicknames those are nonsense (like wergwrgf).
  • Forbidden nicknames those contain more than 4 digits, or a combination letter-number (like 1g1r2v).
  • Forbidden nicknames with frequent case changes (like SoLnYshKo).
  • Forbidden nicknames with 50% or more of uppercase letters.
  • Forbidden nicknames consisting of a sequence of letters like qwert, fghjk and similar.
  • Forbidden to use impolite nickname, address of a website, e-mail address, ICQ number, etc.
  • Forbidden nicknames containing words like admin, administrator, mod, moderator, qip and etc.
  • You can use your real name as your nickname - it's your choice.
  • Administration reserves the right to ask to change the nickname, even if it doesn't violate any of the above terms.
In case of violation, you will get a PM with vocation to select another nickname (then you simply change it). In the case of ignoring your account will be removed.

  • All tags are disabled in signatures. It's not recommended to use them. If we find such a signature, it will be removed entirely and you will get 1 warning point. In continuous violation, you get banned for 3 days.
  • References to any external resource in the signature, without permission of administration, will be regarded as advertising (the right place for links is in profile). In case of violation we remove signature and give you 4 warning points.
  • Contacts in signature are not desired, because they should be written in profile.
  • Signatures have to be as short as possible, in the best case, single-line.
  • You can't use vulgar or offensive words in signatures, as well as their connotations.

Posting on forum:
  • Make sure that you write correct subject (2 warning points for violation).
  • Make sure that there is no similar topic - search before you post (you can get 1 warning point and topic will be closed).
  • Multi-posting in different sections is forbidden and will be judged as flooding. If you accidentally started a topic in wrong section, write personal message to a moderator, with explanation (and references to the topic / post), and he will fix it. If the issue is related to topics of two or more sections / messages, choose one section. (In case of violation you will get both posts removed and you can get 2 warning points).
  • Make sure the subject tells enough about your post. If topic has subject like "Help", "Question", "I wonder", or a sequence of nonsense letters (like krigygmr), it will be removed or closed. Remember that clearly asked question is the half of answer. (2 warning points for violation.)
  • Forbidden to make adverting in posts / topics. (immediate ban)
  • CATEGORICALLY forbidden publication and distribution of malicious software, with potential harm to the computer software and hardware. (account and IP ban). The same for links of false versions of QIP and for malicious ad ware.
  • Forbidden to make topics / posts with offensive, Nazi, nationalist, ethnic-spite and similar content. Topics and posts those violate the Law of Russian Federation (for example warez) (from reading-only account state up to permanent ban, depending on the violation severity).
  • Forbidden to abuse uppercase letters, because it can cause impression of screaming. Be polite to everyone. In exceptional cases (to make attention) it is acceptable to use uppercase. (1 to 4 warning points for violation)
  • Forbidden to use too many tags. Tags are designed to highlight important points. In exceptional cases (to make attention) it is acceptable to use more tags. Using red font is forbidden in any case. It is used for the notes of administration. (1 or 2 warning points)
  • Forbidden to compose off-topic posts. (Those will be immediately removed and you can get 1 or 2 warning points.)
  • Forbidden to make posts addressed to single user. In such case, use e-mail or personal message. (Theme will be removed and you can get 2 warning points.)
  • Banned over-quoting ("quotes in quotes"). If you need to quote another member, quote only the portion of post, which is connected with your post exactly. (2 warning points for violation)
  • These forum contains sections for both Russian-speaking and English-speaking users. Ensure that you post to the right section. Only exception is the section for localizations. (In case of violation you get one warning point and your post is removed)

Actions of administration:
  • CATEGORICALLY forbidden to make public discussions about administration.
  • If you disagree with the actions of moderator, do not start public scandals. All issues can be sloved through private messages or e-mails. We are adequate people, I am sure we can find compromise.
  • If you think that a topic had been closed iregularly, contact a moderator with personal message and give a reason why the topic should be reopened.
In case of violation of this paragraph you get immediately reading-only account state, from one week to forever, depending on the content (administration decides), and you will never get answer for your question.

  • Moderators and administrators look at the observance of forum rules. Those and others are the forum administration.
  • Administrators and moderators reserve the right to rollback any of these rules, as well as add new rules.
  • Remember that an answer for your post may need a time. There’s no need to ‘top’ the topic by posts like ‘So what?’ or ‘Someone, please...’ (i.e. to send new posts just to top the topic, to remember its existence). Do not do this more then once a week.
  • Your violations of these rules will be treated in adequate measure, up to account banning. The decision is just on administration. Administrations reserves the right to remove you from the forum and remove all posts you ever wrote without any explanation.
  • The reference to a resource is considered to be an advertising, if it refers to:
    • a counter (including hidden one)
    • an advertisment
    and all links those address anywhere except of your site, our resource or direct download.
  • The forum works on automatic penalties. For each rule violation we can give you warning points for a 6 month period. After this period these points will be removed. If the number of these points reaches 10, you get reading-only state automatically (you will be still able to read the forum or write PM). As soon as some points will expire (i.e. your warning points count will be less then 10), you will be full forum member again.
  • Events not included in these rules are judged by administration. Rule ‘what is not forbidden is allowed’ is not working here.
  • These rules can be updated without any notice for members, so you should sometimes look here to check for any updates. (Changes are highlighted in green, previous are blue)
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