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Default no qip.ru account = no qip infium login


i pretty much fucked up :( i am using qip infium for ICQ network for several years and i like it, but today i installed qip infium in my work, but it required qip.ru account.. my computer at home remembers it, so for few years i did not even type it inthere, but i wanted it in my work RIGHT NOW today, so i pushed the password recovery button, but ... no email came to me... and as i use qip for many years, i think it is possible that i used some other email for registering or i dont know..

qip.ru password recovery form did not help me, because even thanks to google translate i did not understood all what they wanted from me, so they told me i did not filled enough information.. shame they wont even talk to me in english :(

so what am i asking for?

1) is there a way to find out what email i used for registering my account ?
2) or is there a way to register another qip.ru account and connect it with the icq number i use all the time (even now, with another icq client software)

without the qip.ru i cannot log in to my qip infium :(

any help or advice is much appreciated, thank you..
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Search Profiles folder at home. It stores all profiles, created in Qip Infium.
When you find it, copy it to work. Then find your Profiles folder at work and replace it with folder you copied.

1) yes, but if you are logged in
2) yes, there is. Register Qip account and add ICQ to protocols.
LBH Extend Developer.
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