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Exclamation qip and compiz-fuzion problems may be solved

I think a lot of people tried to use qip in linux with wine and compiz-fusion (features of "3D desktop", transperent windows, zooming, etc.) window manager.

Without compis effects enabled using wine and /oldgif switch everything is ok, but when running compiz we took
a problem:
When qip receives message and message window is not on active desktop(viewport) it dissapeares and colud not be reached until qip resatrt.

A lot of time ago I opened bug in compiz-fusion bugtracking system and now there is new answer that may help qip's author to solve the problem and make qip more friendly to non-windows users.

--- Comment #3 from Danny Baumann <maniac@opencompositing.org> 2009-01-26 12:09:23 ---
(In reply to comment #1)
> I believe I have encountered this issue while working with lotus notes:
> The main window of Lotus Notes disappears completely although the process does
> not stop. It must be killed (along with wineserver and winedevice.exe) to
> restart Notes.
> The window is not present in the window list.
> -Other applications do not show this behavior (with or without compiz)
> -Lotus Notes does not exhibit this behavior when compiz is not enabled.
> -Lotus remains present and functions properly as long as the workspace is not
> switched
> -Running Lotus Notes under an emulated virtual desktop works
> I am running with Ubuntu 8.10 Intrepid Ibex (2.6.27-9-generic, GNOME 2.24.1)
> with a dualhead ATI:
> ATI Technologies Inc RV516 [Radeon X1300/X1550 Series]
> ATI Technologies Inc RV516 [Radeon X1300 Pro] (Secondary)
> Wine 1.1.13~winehq0~ubuntu~8.10-0ubuntu1
> This bug was rejected in the wine bugzilla, as they consider this a Compiz
> issue:
> http://bugs.winehq.org/show_bug.cgi?id=17091

I am pretty sure the problem is in the Windows application, in your case Lotus
Notes. Unlike most other window managers, compiz uses viewports, which in turn
means compiz moves windows out of sight when switching workspaces instead of
making them invisible. Wine passes the movement information to the app, which
(probably, we can't check) sees that the window is moved offscreen and tries to
move it back, which messes up things.

It would be nice if that issue could be reproduce with a free Windows app, so I
could verify this assumption
. If the assumption is true, this would be a
WONTFIX candidate, because it's simply not possible to fix it properly in that
Does making the Lotus Notes window sticky help?
A lot of linux users think such as I think, that qip is best messenger but not using it because of this compiz uncompatibility. I will be very glad to see qip running without problems with compiz.
I want to ask qip's author to make an option in settings that disables this logic of detecting windows position when receiving a message.
Of course, this may not help, so, for keeping settings clean of non-interest options, You can make test build with this features disabled and send it to me (metasov@gmail.com) or, the best, i think, contact Danny Baumann from comment i quoted to solve the problem together and, maybe, help compiz command.

Thank you. Waiting for answer.
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