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Default QIP Infium 9000 Beta 3

- Core: added menu item "Delete all Not in list" for "Not in list" divider popup menu in mode without groups;
- Core: every protocol status saving before closing program and setting statuses on start;
- Core: for sdk: added plugins buttons support below avatars;
- Icq: manual status check for offline contacts;
- Jabber: a 'Received Files' item was added to the contact's popup menu;
- Jabber: user can send a quick message from the Search window;
- MRA: 'Avatar change' item was added to the protocol context menu;

- Core: a lot of core updates;
- Core: a lot of chat module updates;
- Core: xstatuses.png replcaed with xstatuses_alpha.png with alpha channel support;
- Core: fixed history saving and importing bug;
- Icq: protocol module;
- Jabber: long pause fixed when user opens the Search window;
- Jabber: conflict error processing was enchanced;
- Jabber: extended statuses were fixed in the grouchat window;
- Jabber: the 'Group chats' window work was fixed;
- Jabber: access violation error was fixed in the 'Privacy Lists' window;
- Jabber: numerous translation fixes.
- MRA: toolbar with various MRA icons was added to a message editor;
- MRA: group removal was fixed.
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