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Default QIP Infium 9005 RC1

- Core: @qip.ru accounts support based on jabber protocol for future services like mail, server side history and etc;
- Core: autoupdate system;
- Core: removed need in copying protocol files for new account creation, everything works on program level;
- Core: possibility to delete protocol accounts;
- Core: autoanswer message now can be for every status;

- Core: updated metacontacts mode;
- Core: updated default skin graphics;
- Core: fixed contact list position change on temp resolution change;
- Core: increased connection timout interval for slow connections;
- Core: a lot of minor bugs fixed;
- Core: all protocols updated;
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- JABBER: fix for a registration problem, when port 5223 is blocked;
- JABBER: fix for a registration error, when user tries to add a GTalk
- JABBER: access violation on exit;
- Phone: fix for a routing error 500, on a sipnet account.

- Core: command line parameter "/showdashes" to show defices in numeric account types;

- Core: autoanswer fixed, it was sending autoanswer to contacts which are in invisible list;
- Core: updated import master, creates new account on every import;
- Core: in some cases application could hang on start;
- Phone: numerous improvements of the MousePhone support;
- MRA: fixed bug with the global status setting, when MRA doesn't support this status;
- MRA: fixes for privacy lists;
- minor fixes for all protocols;

- Core: [fix] sometimes there can be file read error appear on profile change;
- Core: [fix] graphics files loaded without unicode support;
- Icq: [fix] old clients away message reading;
- Icq: [fix] sending messages to trillian;
- JABBER: contact's validation removed from search;
- JABBER: minor fixes for the settings dialog;
- JABBER: access violation error fixed in the Service Discovery dialog;
- JABBER: groupchat window now correctly handles links to another chats;
- Phone: the MousePhone button now raises and hides the dialpad;
- MRA: added 'User is typing' event processing.
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