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Info QIP Infium RC1 (Build 9006)

QIP Infium RC1 (Release Candidate 1).


All updates available on beta testers forum http://tester.qip.ru. Use your qip account and password to sign in into tester forum.

- Core: showing contacts counters in mode "without groups";
- Core: hotkey "Alt + D" to show smiles selection window, also smile selection using left/right arrow keys;
- Core: possibility to disable background images of the contact list/message windows/chat rooms and to set background colors;
- Core: possibility to select history files folder and received files folder;
- Core: command line parameter "/histupdate" for saving delivery report status to history;
- Core: another one style of contact list compact mode which can be activated/deactivated by right double click on window caption;
- Icq: option "Automatically send authorization request on adding contact";
- MRA: account name was added to the mail notification popup;

- Core: received files saving to folder with name like "nick_account";
- Core: optimized work of contact list;
- Core: anti-spam bot sent question according to global status;
- Icq: updated protocol;
- JABBER: optimizations for plugin start/stop time;
- JABBER: automatic reconnect is disabled now, if connection was broken with the resource conflict error;
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