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Old 22.04.2007, 22:08   #1
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Info Main diferences between Icq and Qip

Hi there,
i´m fresh user to qip and i like it very much. I´d like to write an article about this software.
Can you name mi main deferences between Icq and Qip ? This can help me to build an article and to compare great Qip and a piece of **** Icq. As I said, im a quite new and I came up with only a few + for now:

no advertisements
consumes only a few MB´s of RAM (half of Icq´s)
password protected messages
tabbed messages (like maxthon - all in one window) - but icq 6 has it too
message popup (when somebody writes you, you can read it without clicking to main window)

Thx and keep working
Johnyz вне форума   Reply With Quote
Old 23.04.2007, 23:02   #2
QIP Elder
Join Date: 06/2006
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tabbed messages has icq 6 too

Features like 'removing self from other's list', 'all-seeing eye',
'reading status' and other notifications, compact, portable,
better history format, server log, animated gif avatars,
(almost) full control over the oscar protokol, old great statuses
like 'occupied', 'DND', '@ home', etc...
Dreamy вне форума   Reply With Quote
Old 04.08.2007, 22:42   #3
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I have never used ICQ, but guyes from my KL have answered . ICQ has only 28 Smiles instaed of 42 in QIP. ICQ has only 2 visibility-mods, QIP has 5.
chem вне форума   Reply With Quote
Old 09.02.2008, 05:29   #4
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Easy to use, No advertisement, many good and useful features like a "invisible for all", "remove myself from list", "Check Status", etc.
And many other, i can't remember now. :)
Best regards - Ruben
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