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Old 16.12.2007, 00:15   #121
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Damn why do I always have to write you first. :D
Dreamy вне форума  
Old 18.12.2007, 23:26   #122
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Originally Posted by ViolentOr View Post
In closed section we decided that may be it makes sence to give it a try.. but we need help of english-speaking community. Our knowledge in english won`t be enough to help sometimes.. so we can give moderation rights to few people... candidats?
that´s a very good idea, so what are you waiting for ...give it a try.. you always have a candidate
Dream Walker. He looks like a good mod.. come on guys let´s give him the mod stick to start...maybe you should start first ..with ONE mod for the english part of the forum... that makes sense... you really don´t need anymore candidates...so just ... ASK him . I don´t see any other candidate around here..or if I ´m wrong..correct me. So let´s get together and start this...
come on folks you don´t worth it. :)
ulmo вне форума  
Old 18.12.2007, 23:52   #123
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I agree. Dreamy is the best.
Kepro вне форума  
Old 19.12.2007, 00:06   #124
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looks like he could be a good mod;)
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Sega-Zero вне форума  
Old 19.12.2007, 00:08   #125
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I do know all the useful work of DreamWalker for QIP-community on qip.sk and i think, that making him a mod would be a good idea. He definitely has needed skills ;)
shaamaan = empError
shaamaan вне форума  
Old 19.12.2007, 00:28   #126
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yeah. i agree also. I think, DW will be a good MOD :)
Everyone needs to believe in something. I believe I'll have another beer.
gustonator вне форума  
Old 19.12.2007, 00:49   #127
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dreamwalker whitelist ;o
O.o, Official QIP Moderator

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Old 19.12.2007, 01:32   #128
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Originally Posted by O.o View Post
dreamwalker whitelist ;o
CLS is very friendly person. Whenever (everytime) he have helped me. He know all about computers. He has moderated his slovakia web about QIP. He will be collect school-leaving exam next year. He has a lot of experience. He can programming about C++. He programmed a lot of programms. He is calm, He has patience and this is main for moderator.
Sju.Catova вне форума  
Old 20.12.2007, 14:47   #129
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Thanks everyone. Now I have to find out where did Vio disappear...
Dreamy вне форума  
Old 20.12.2007, 21:56   #130
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sry.. had some some troubles... almost solved =)
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