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Discussion Idle talk welcome =)

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Old 07.01.2008, 16:27   #16
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Hi :)

Which fonts are used in qip? qip runs fine under wine, but it looks much ugly :(
already installed arial, but this fixed not all defacements. group headers looks still strange ...

yeah ... thx a lot for relevant information!

btw. i DON'T want to install ALL windows fonts! just a necessary minimum ...
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Old 23.02.2008, 20:18   #17
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qip use Tahoma
Lexxus вне форума   Reply With Quote
Old 03.03.2008, 05:15   #18
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does qip infium use only Tahoma TTF and CP1251 encoding?
for i have problems displaying the first two symbols of menu-entries and cyrillic group-names, though running infium with latest wine, cp1251 encoding and an installed Tahoma font.
the messaging window font i set to Sans and it functions pretty well
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Old 04.03.2008, 23:35   #19
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Infium uses MS Unicode (utf-16) controls, TntUniControls.
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Old 24.04.2008, 14:27   #20
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I tryed SIM and PSY but i didnt like it. So, QIP is best choice for me.
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Old 25.04.2008, 22:54   #21
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i use standard kopete... it's very nice, almost like qip but some why do not transfers files.... but it's must be coz i'm a noob ^_^. QIP under Wine - IMHO - анонизЪмм. or even can be called an anal sex in *nix world :D:D
Without all kind of freaks the hope to normally use qip under*nix is, obviously, only 1: if dogs of qip creation will look down and answer on prays of usual mortals.
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