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Exclamation Infium RC1, QIP.ru accounts and importing History

Hello, guys!

Since QIP Infium RC1 the QIP quys added a QIP.ru account which is automatically created when logging on to Infium RC1. Unfortunately, there was no English text explaining this. So I tried and translated the Russian one to English. It is not the best one, since I am a native Bulgarian speaker, but Russian is quite understandable by me (something like British English and Scottish ).

Here it is... BTW, I do not like the QIP.ru account...

IMPORTANT! When switching from QIP Infium Beta 4 to QIP Infium RC1 it is necessary that you make a backup copy in a separate folder of your QIP Infium Beta 4 installation folder and the folder with your user profile.

With the introduction of QIP Infium RC1 a new kind of account has been introduced – the QIP-account. It is a Jabber-account on the QIP Jabber-server. We are planning additional functions in the future, so it is recommended that you register with it.

Upon transition to QIP Infium RC1 it is recommended that you create a new profile and not to upgrade over the Beta version.

When the new profile is being created you automatically create your own QIP-account, whose username is the name of your account in QIP and your password is the QIP password.
After creating and logging on to your QIP-account you will be offered the possibility to create additional accounts for other protocols. IMPORTANT! Upon adding accounts, it is recommended that you follow this order, otherwise history import problems might arise.

In order to import your History simply copy the History folder from your old user profile to your new profile folder of QIP Infium RC1.

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Old 31.03.2008, 11:11   #2
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Here's the official changelog excerpt:

Core: @qip.ru accounts support based on jabber protocol for future services like mail, server side history and etc;
BTW, now - having in mind the "server side history" - the qip.ru account looks more rational for me.
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Old 04.07.2008, 00:08   #3
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would be nice, if this "second account" could be deactivated...
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stePHan212, you may use /isolated key
LBH Extend Developer.
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