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Exclamation Rules

Rules for plugin developers

1) It is forbidden to use subclassing or hooking of QIP core and protocols.

2) Only use documented plugin API. If you miss a feature, post on forum and if users will like the idea, it will be implemented into the API.

3) You must release the source code with comments and regular syntax, to show your good purpose. Don't worry about your source code - noone will be able to copy your work and post as his one, as you can see his source code too -> Just notice forum administration and his work will be banned.

4) You can't copy someone else's work without his permission.

5) All files used by your plugin must be stored in the plugin's folder. Use FPluginInfo.DllPath to obtain the path.

6) If you want your plugin to be officially available, enter real name in latin alphabet in plugin.

7) If you can't release the source code of your plugin publicly, use a locked archive and post password to ViolentOr and Sega-Zero by a personal message. This way we guarantee your code won't be abused.

The binary code must be 100% equal to the source code, i.e. same version.

Malicious, dangerous, copyright-violating and suspicious works will be removed by administration immediately.

Note: You can't develop a protocol plugin, all these requests will be rejected. All popular protocols will be implemented officially.

Based on INF's announcement from 25. 7. 2007.

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