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Default CL: bars between ICQ, Jabber ==> thinner in group mode?

In the Contact List: When you turn on the group mode, the bars between "ICQ", "Jabber", "others" are very thick:

When the group mode is turned off, that's not the case! The bars only appear as smart lines:

That's looking much better!

Could this be changed in future versions, so that in both modes the bars appear as lines (thinner)? In my opinion, most users use the group mode, so they would appreciate the lines, because the thicker ones only disturb the view on their contact list (this came out at a survey we had in the german support forum).

greetings to the developers of QIP

If such an option doesn't exist yet, then this thread should perhaps be moved to the other section "suggestions"?

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Is there something new here?
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