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Чо :)
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Question Spam Report

Hello QIP Infium developers and lovers.

At last year I receive a lot of spam messages with shi.ts.
Can you integrate common ICQ Spam Report function on right-click menu of contact list.
When AOL receive enough reports from different users - spammer's icq number is removed from servers.

Yes, I know about:
- "ignore user" - but there are too many spammers.
- "allow only from contact list" - I want new unknown people to find and chat with me.
- "anti-spam bot" - but many people don't like it and I think it add me ICQ number of "answering icq lists" of spammers and I receive more and more spam.

If possible of course

Thank you and have a nice night/day
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Old 25.03.2009, 20:12   #2
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most of spam-numbers are used only once.. so it won`t have any real effect =)
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