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Default First login after instalation

/ sorry my english /

1. Please add log in to QIP via ICQ account.

2. Please implement migrate utility , when user have a new pc, or upgrade with new installation, or please hlep me how i transfer settings from old to new OS

Example from my :
... old pc - i need export all settings with remember logins
... new PC - i need import all exported settings from my old pc and automatic login from old computer

systems :
old pc - Win XP Eng SP3
new pc - Win 7 Ultimate

Thanks for any help
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1. logging through icq will be available in next release, for now i suggest you to register a new QIP account via email or social account. You may also register a non-automatically generated login via web page. After you do that you can add icq proto you want.

2. if you want your accounts and password to be safely remembered while reinstalling OS, you should use a non-isolated profile with "save to server" option turned on.
The settings can be exported to a json file:

or be saved to server:

after you reinstall OS and QIP, you can launch QIP with /importsettings key with json file specified, or go to the preferences and load all the settings on General tab.

Of course, you can still just backup your profile folder to a safe place and then put it back. the profile is located at %APPDATA%\QIP\Profiles
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